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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Logolysis of Intel

Intel is a great technology company. It has been consistent in its delivery of innovations in the world of computer chips. Now they are gaining ground in other kinds of markets like mobile, gaming devices and other electronic devices which require the power of an electronic chip.

For 37 years Intel had the same logotype indicating its relentless focus on consistency and stability as a brand. They didn't have to focus on re-branding and other management stuff because of their true pursuit of bringing excellent products to the market. They were instantly recognized for their technology excellence and product focus.

Until recently they changed their logotype and added some logo elements like the swirl around the font of Intel. This shows their evolution from a computer chip manufacturer to a more technology dynamics oriented company. The present logo has more dynamism in it and will stay true to the brand values of Intel.

The old logo had a very informal look to it with an asymmetric structure. The new logo has a more formal and polished feel to it and helps in recognizing the company thats behind the great technologies.

Blue has always been a color of identity for Intel. Blue stands for intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism which applies to Intel in every way. Intel's color identity and logo identity perfectly fit the company that will innovate its way into the future.

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